What I'm Geeking Out About This Week - 10/03/14


Welcome to another edition of my week in geek!

Hey everybody, here is what is going on in my world lately!

My partner Jenn and I completed The Color Run here in Bangor, ME this past weekend, and it was a blast! The run is 5K that has a great energy and a overarching theme of positivity. There is color galore, awesome jams, and great people all around. I'm not a runner by any stretch of the imagination and the run has a great vibe that is about the fun of the event and not about the competition. There are no winners and you can run or walk. They do events all over the country and even are going international. I highly recommend checking it out and you can see a few pictures of the event on my Instagram!

I was perusing Hulu the other day and stumbled upon Comedy Central's Drunk History, one of its many solid new programs like Broad City, @midnight, & Nathan for You. This show has a simple premise, they get a friend drunk and they make them describe a historical event, to obviously humorous results. The catch is that the drunken stories are reenacted exactly as they are told by famous actors. You have to see it to truly appreciate it but there is a solid slate of episodes available from the show's two seasons (it is also coming back for a third season next year). The show was also originally on Funny or Die, so there is a whole other swath of episodes posted there to check out. As a history major and one who appreciates absurd comedy, this show is perfect.

I've been playing this game with friends for a while now, and it is always a fun, fresh, and crazy time. I just got the fourth expansion and look forward to getting the recently released fifth expansion as well as a '90s theme pack that I had no idea existed (check the site for details on all the expansion packs). It's a simple card game like Apples to Apples where one player puts down a prompt and everyone else puts down their best answers but with a little more absurdity and crassness than it's more family oriented counterpart. It's a great way to get friends laughing together when you have a large group and I look forward to getting some more board games to share as great party activities.

Thanks for stopping by!